11foot8 in the news

October 2017 – WRAL News local news report about the new warning signage

October 2017 – Low-Ass Bridge Gives Red Light Runner A Taste Of Instant Karma – Jalopnik

May 2016 – news.com.au reports about Melbourne’s notorious Montague Street Bridge and compares the canopener bridge

January 2016 – The Wall Street Journal

June 2015 – local ABC News

June 2015 – Jalopnik

Feb 2015 – TWC News

April 12, 2013 – CNN

Nov. 13, 2012 – Raleigh News & Observer

Nov. 2, 2012 – Hawaii News Now

Oct. 30, 2012 – The Durham Herald Sun

Oct. 29, 2012 – Top Gear Auto News blog (yes! I know!)

Oct. 25, 2012 – The Atlantic Cities

July 5, 2011 – WRAL TV ran a story about the 11foot8 bridge

Aug. 2010
These great blogs featured 11foot8:
Boing Boing
Cynical C
The Daily What

Oct. 28, 2009:
funny story on local blog
Bull City Rising about 11foot8

May 13, 2009:
Pam Spaulding published a column in the Durham News about the videos.

March 18 2009:
WRAL ran a story on on the 5PM news about the truck crashes.

The German news site Der Spiegel also recently featured my truck crash videos

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  1. Hey! I just saw this site featured on CBS News today (September 17 2013) Thought you would like to know.

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