Another boxtruck gets ripped open at the 11foot8 bridge

Bang! The 11foot8 bridge wins again. On this chilly, rainy day another driver made the mistake of challenging this train trestle. Shortly after the crash, a passenger train stopped at the trestle and the engineer inspected the structure carefully before continuing.


  1. mr henn do you know about hillboro bridge in durham nc its also 11 foot 8

  2. Hello. I was curious why the city just does not make that a 4 way stop? The tall trucks would still hit the I Beam, but it would be at a lower speed thus not causing so much damage and time to clean up.

    Another thought would be to “dip” the road below the trestles a good foot or so.. might not be deep enough for all the tall trucks, but more would get through it.

    Thanks for the site, very entertaining to say the least.

    Dave Turner
    Arlington Texas

    • Dave
      I agree! A 4-way stop with a 2-lane, one-way road would be so much more entertaining than these dull overhead crashes.

      Check the FAQ for more info about the “dip” idea.

  3. The speed on Gregson St. is already 25mph. Plus, a 4 way stop at that intersection would really affect the capacity of the road and the intersection. Raising the railroad tracks is nearly impossible; they have a maximum grade of 1% allowed by the R/R, so any elevation changes affects thousands and thousands of feet of track. Lowering Gregson Street is really the only option, and that would require replacing the bridge in addition to all the utilities, problems with stormwater filling up the road below the bridge, and getting approval from the R/R. For example, the bridges over Alston Avenue are being replaced and the elevation increased below them; Alston is being lowered 6′ and the overall cost of the project runs over $20 million.

  4. Since the sewer main beneath the road is 100 years old, is the city considering relocating it when they have to rebuild the main, to lower the road?

  5. how about putting a camera on the side of bridge

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