Box of rental truck is destroyed by the 11foot8 bridge

This rental truck triggered the 11foot8 warning sign and the traffic light turned red to stop traffic. Once time for contemplation was over, the driver floored it and did his best to make it through the canopener, but failed. Valiant effort – excellent performance! Don’t try this at home, kids.


  1. We have a few low bridges in Oslo too. The one in Økernveien (not a major thoroughfare, but nonetheless a street with a bus service) is 3,2 meters ( In Oslo gate, it’s 3,8 meters(because of trams), here and here Which hasn’t prevented truckers form trying. Once a truck (a semi, actually) got stuck here, and the trailer caught fire, from short circuiting the tram’s overhead (@ 750 volts DC). His trailer burnt out, and the fire also burned off the overhead line, causing a major delay.
    And I once drove my tram behind another semi that took a chance, and made it, with inches to spare…
    And there are plenty of stories of double decker tourist buses following their GPS, forgetting that they’re “overheight”, and mashing the upper deck (or “passenger deck” into some low tunnel or bridge…

  2. This is by far my favorite crash that you’ve caught.

  3. I’m sorry, but this new sign is very, very lame. White letters saying OVERHEIGHT MUST TURN? No more flashing yellow lights, no more yellow sign with big black stripes — nothing yellow anymore. Just a laid back white text sign. Might have made a good addition to the old sign, but a replacement? Any of you know what means if you read it on some sign some day? And if you do, might you say to yourself, “Yup, the overheight trucks must have to turn here. Green light, lets get going” — bang.

    You can’t just throw technology at a problem.

    My suggestion. Get the flashing yellow lights back. Then add a bright yellow LED sign, “114 TRUCKS CRASHED INTO THIS BRIDGE — YOU ARE NEXT. TURN LEFT!” Let’s get to the point.

  4. It’s amazing how the side got destroyed as well as the roof

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