Boxtruck crashes into bridge and looses top


  1. You know that is a really strong bridge if can keep taking all of the hits by those trucks.

  2. Guess their company is now called Two Men.

  3. Two things I need to mention. First is why are the overheight lights amber instead of red? If they are flashing then the vehicle should STOP! Second is that the signs do not say that they indicate ‘ACTUAL’ clearance as they would here in NY. Any unposted bridges on an Interstate Highway by standards require the bridges to be 14’6″ and if less than that the ‘actual height’ must be posted. In NY and most other states bridges are usually posted one foot less than actual or if posted with the actual height the sign will have that wording on it. It seems very unfair for the local authority to post this bridge at 11′ 8″ without noting the actual height is just that. Change the signs to 10′ 8″ or add ‘actual height’ and the majority of the problems will go away.

    • Please read the FAQ. The USDOT’s MUTCD clearly requires the posted clearance to be within 3 inches of the actual clearance.

    • Red flashing lights, meaning everyone should stop in the middle of the road? I would agree some hanging chains or something may be useful though.

      The height game you are talking about is like having a problem making it to work on time, so your boss tells you that you need to be in at 7, hopefully you get there by 8.

      Assuming a truck driver knew the height of his truck, he now has to do arithmetic before passing under?

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