Bucket truck gets chewed up at the 11foot8 bridge

On June 18, a bucket truck fell prey to the “monster of Gregson Street” … the driver said he was sure the vehicle would fit, but he was clearly mistaken. The bucket was pretty badly damaged and the “hinge” where the two arms connect hit the beam pretty hard and knocked down a bunch of old canopener debris. They stopped and checked out the problem and cleaned up a bit before carrying on. Enjoy the video, and please drive carefully! This was crash #147 since 2008.


  1. You can see it on Google Maps at https://goo.gl/maps/yQazwyy9DCWWkzCa9 and proceed forward to see FIVE signs warning drivers.

  2. LiberalsAreTrash

    I want to rent a truck and work to get a class c license so I can open it with the can-opener. If you go fast enough it will let you go through, like a roadrunner cartoon.

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