Excavator on trailer “bites” back at the 11foot8 bridge

After a bit of a summer lull, on Oct. 3rd the 11foot8 bridge tried to snag a nibble from the trailer of an unsuspecting construction truck, but ended up choking on this little snack. No idea how bad the damage was to the excavator, but the impact did knock a bunch of accumulated debris from the crash beam, and the bridge seemed to get a pretty good jolt from this impact. This is one of the rare moments where a “victim” of the our little monster fought back the bridge and almost got the better of it. This is crash #148 since April 2008.

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  1. LiberalsAreTrash

    Keep this site going even after they get rid of the bridge. You need to find other bridges and go on the road to do 24/7 coverage. This is an important fascination of mine.

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