Problems with the 11foot8 website

Over the last few days I have received reports of problems with the 11foot8 website. Here is the situation: a rogue DNS server in Europe is redirecting some of the traffic to to a malicious website. If that happens to you, close your browser immediately. Do NOT click on any of the pop-ups on that page. I also recommend that you scan your computer with a virus scanner.

If you know how to change the DNS server setting for your network connection, change it to the Google DNS servers at and That fixes the problem.

Otherwise, just use the alternate address for my website:

As far as I can tell, that domain name is not affected by the DNS hijack problem.

I am trying to contact the admins responsible for that network address, and I hope I can get this problem fixed soon.

Sorry about any problems this may have caused.



  1. Just a heads up. Will not let me scroll to bottom on mobile. Seems to be caused by the follow links toolbar. Will not let me scroll that past my address bar.

  2. LiberalsAreTrash

    Always keep this site up – forever – I just found this and will be telling hundreds

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