Speeding semi gets smashed up at the 11foot8 bridge

In the evening hours of March 28, a semi truck hit the 11foot8 bridge in quite a spectacular fashion, at pretty high speed scattering debris across the intersection. Luckily no one was injured! The busted semi trailer was wedged under the trestle for over 90 Minutes before the recovery operators were able to winch it out of the canopener’s “jaws” … the beast has been fed! This was crash # 145 since April 2008 … and probably the biggest mess we have seen here, yet.


  1. The cops need to start doing surveys and asking these people why they didn’t heed the million warnings signs. I guess with any sufficiently large group the law of large numbers will come into play and these people are the outliers who ignore the signs.

  2. One word: Spectacular!

  3. LiberalsAreTrash

    This is the best one of all time.

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