The new 11foot8 site

Welcome to the new home of the world’s most popular canopener bridge. Since 2008 I have recorded dozens of trucks challenging the low-down meanest train trestle in America and posted the videos on YouTube. This website integrates the YouTube channel with the 11foot8 website. For the fist time all posted videos are also available on the website, and you all can comment here, if you don’t want to comment on YouTube. I plan to moderate the comments here much more carefully.

The 11foot 8 trestle – unrelentingly enforcing the laws of physics for over 100 years.


  1. Hey, like the new site.

    You may recall that you kindly gave me permission to use your videos in my truck driver training classes. I’ve been doing just that for almost a year now and it’s really made an impact (pun not intended, but happily accepted) on my students. I’m willing to bet that no driver who has gone though my classroom will ever fall victim to a restricted overhead clearance thanks to your videos.

  2. To Puzzled.. Why must personal decisions and mistakes be blamed I others??? This is a major problem in society today. If you cannot read or do not know the size of your truck then perhaps you should not be driving!!

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