Boxtruck wrestles with 11foot8 bridge while train crosses

On March 13, another rental boxtruck got stuck at the canopener and ended up in a bit of a wrestling match with the bridge. Right at that time a train crosses the trestle as well. After about 10 Minutes, the bridges finally lets the truck go, but the driver still has to deal with the impatient car drivers, before he can finally get his busted truck out of there. This was crash # 144 since 2008.

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  1. I wonder what will happen when a pedestrian or driver gets hurt and sues the RR and city for not addressing a known road hazard properly. I am sure all this footage will be very useful to them in a court of law. I also bet that the words “criminally negligent” will come out if someone were to die in an accident at this bridge. If you have a known issue that is dangerous and you do not address it properly, you are negligent. Signs, lights and warnings will not save you from the negligence charges as the evidence clearly shows that they are not effective and the RR and the city have a responsibility to put in place effective countermeasures.

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