Foggy morning canopener truck crash at the 11foot8 bridge

Maybe the driver was a bit foggy about the meaning of the 11′ 8″ clearance sign, or the significance of the “OVERHEIGHT – MUST TURN” flashing signal? I don’t know, but he floored it and hit the bridge with his rental truck this morning.


  1. The more I watch these videos, the more I’m less likely to 100% blame the driver (they still get at least 75% of the blame). The signalling for “OVERHEIGHT” in between the traffic lights is not quite enough deterrent – the traffic lights should go solid red or blink some crazy attention-getting sequence, or the OVERHEIGHT sign needs to be displayed apart from the traffic lights so it gets attention on its own.

    • I’ll completely blame the driver. You’ve got a standard low-clearance sign on each side of the bridge. You got a big L.E.D. sign just above the traffic signal. You’ve got about six sets of low-clearance warning signs in the blocks leading up to the train trestle. What do these drivers need to get their attention – fireworks??? You can’t fix stupid!

  2. I see some crash art on the right

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