Secret military equipment gets banged up at the 11foot8 bridge

Not even the U.S. military can sneak anything under the canopener. A military truck with some super-secret, tarp-covered gizmo attached to the top of the cab triggered the warning sign, but could not resist the “call of the canopener.” Tasty treat for the hungry trestle – or maybe just an MRE on wheels?

[Edit 3/19] I received a communication from a source at the U.S. Army that “the tarp that struck the bridge was covering a weapons mount.”
So apparently no “secret equipment” … or so they say …. 🙂


  1. Definitely no secret. The truck is an Oshkosh Defense M1083 Medium Tactical Vehicle (MTV), sometimes also called the FMTV though that more correctly refers to the entire vehicle ‘family’ (literally the F in FMTV). It comes equipped with a M1025 Armament Carrier (turret ring in the roof of the cab), which appears to have had some kind of armored turret attached.

    There’s too many varieties of armored turret to tell you exactly which model was under that tarp, but nothing Secret or even FOUO. Totally unclassified.

    The Secret stuff doesn’t get carted around on the outside of a truck during transport. If it’s Secret, it’s locked away inside the truck’s equipment bay when not in use.

  2. lol yeah that’s a crows system only $190,000 depending on who you ask

  3. I Like Can Openers Yum Yum

    To be fair, it looks like the light didn’t change to red until after the driver had gone through the green. Still, though.

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